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My IKIGAI Diagram

This is the perfect balance of the skills, knowledge and activities that I love and I am good at, the ones I could get paid to do and what the world needs from me.

My IKIGAI Personality

This personality traits are based on the RIASEC code, they reflect my main and secondary interests.

My Weirdness or... What sets me apart

Have you ever been in a job interview and the interviewer asks you: “What sets you apart?” or “Why should we hire you instead of someone else?” Well… That’s your weirdness, it happens when your personality and strengths collide to make a truly unique creature, mine is:

Did you think people only had one Leadership style?

Most people think that the leadership styles are completely independent and that someone can only have one leadership style, but in real life situations every leader has to choose between different approaches to 4 situations:

Making decisions, focusing on the important things, setting up goals and following procedures.

My Archetype or job profile

Most job offers will include the type of worker needed which usually fits inside 11 categories: Administrator, Mentor, Analyzer, Controller, Innovator, Inspector, Mediator, Strategist, Supervisor, Technician or Artisan (Artisan is a very broad category for people who work using their hands, body or physical abilities).

Best universities for my Career

Thanks to the QS World University Rankings we’ve been able to add the best universities for studies related to your TOP #1 IKIGAI job.


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