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IKIGAI Personality test

IKIGAI means “reason for being” in japanese

Get away from any distractions for 10 minutes and prepare to focus.

Read the instructions before each section.

Be honest with yourself and don’t overthink.

Lastly, share your personality test results with your family and friends before making a career decision.


How does the IKIGAI personality test work?

In order to find your true purpose the experts recommend asking four questions:

What do
you LOVE?

The first part of the IKIGAI personality test will find out the kind of activities that make your heart beat and the kind of activities that you dislike. Don’t overthink, just go with your first instinct.

What are
you GOOD AT?

After that we’ll find out what you are good at. The second part of the test will search for your best skills, even if you don’t really enjoy using them, so keep an open mind when answering this part of the test.

What does the world
NEED from you?

The third part of the questionnaire focuses on the knowledge you have or would like to have. After all, with proper school or training you could do anything you want to try and help the world.

What can you
get PAID for?

Our personality test contains 1000 jobs, and we have classified them according to personality types, required skills, desirable knowledge, and average payment. Therefore, the last part of the IKIGAI test will dynamically present the best jobs for you.

Once the personality test is complete you’ll be presented with your IKIGAI diagram, you may also share our website to unlock additional results which include your personality type and the perfect jobs that better suit your passion, vocation, profession and mission.