How does the IKIGAI personality test work?

In order to find your true purpose the experts recommend asking four questions:

What do
you LOVE?

The first part of the IKIGAI personality test will find out the kind of activities that make your heart beat and the kind of activities that you dislike. Don’t overthink, just go with your first instinct.

What are
you GOOD AT?

After that we’ll find out what you are good at. The second part of the test will search for your best skills, even if you don’t really enjoy using them, so keep an open mind when answering this part of the test.

What does the world
NEED from you?

The third part of the questionnaire focuses on the knowledge you have or would like to have. After all, with proper school or training you could do anything you want to try and help the world.

What can you
get PAID for?

Our personality test contains 1000 jobs, and we have classified them according to personality types, required skills, desirable knowledge, and average payment. Therefore, the last part of the IKIGAI test will dynamically present the best jobs for you.

Once the personality test is complete you’ll be presented with your free IKIGAI diagram, which includes your passion, vocation, profession and mission. You may also buy the professional results which include a more detailed explanation of your personality, weirdness, job archetype, recommended colleges, and the top 20 jobs that better suit your ikigai profile.

What’s included in the professional results?

My IKIGAI Personality

There are 6 different personality types, this define the kind of activities that you love and those that could bore you… The basic options are:


And by discovering my primary and secondary interests the IKIGAI test can understand the kind of environment and tasks that you would love the most.


My Weirdness or... What sets me apart

Have you ever been in a job interview and the interviewer asks you: What sets you apart? Why should we hire you instead of someone else?

Well… That’s your weirdness, it’s where your personality and strengths collide to make a unique creature… Maybe it’s extroverted leadership, it might be strict honesty or even visionary cleverness, each one has positive and negative characteristics, it’s best if you know what they are.


My Archetype or work style

Most job offers will include the type of worker needed which usually fits inside 11 categories: Administrator, Mentor, Analyzer, Controller, Innovator, Inspector, Mediator, Strategist, Supervisor, Technician or Artisan. (Artisan is a very broad category for people who work using their hands or physical abilities).

This section of the professional results will include the most common tasks that people in my archetype must perform in order to succeed.

Best universities for my career

Thanks to the QS World University Rankings we’ve been able to add the best universities for studies related to your #1 IKIGAI job.

This section includes links and videos from 12 of these recommendations.



In an interactive and simple to use interface that displays the title, description, archetype, annual income, required knowledge and the specific tasks you’ll be expected to perform. The following image is just an example, it’s not from your actual results.


Would you like to know more?

If you already took the test and wish to know more about it please check out: The IKIGAI secret