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IKIGAI Mentor membership

$USD299Yearly payment
  • Use a button to unlock any professional result
  • Get your own profile page on our website
  • Cancel any time you want

It’s perfect for small schools and mentors who may want to personally review and download the results before presenting them to a student.

IKIGAI School membership

$USD499Yearly payment
  • Everything in the mentor membership and…
  • Share a password with your students to automatically unlock their professional results
  • Download the IKIGAI book with a brief description of all 1000 jobs and your logo!

This is great if you have hundreds of students or if you want to give them freedom to take the test any time they want.

How does it work?

Start unlocking today!

Set up your profile page

After purchasing your membership you will automatically receive a confirmation email with your login username and password. You may change your username, password, personal information, profile picture and cover image at any time during your membership period.

With the “School membership” you will also be able to set an “IKIGAI password” which is different to your login password.

Unlock the professional results

Mentors: Your login credentials give you access to a private unlocking page, just enter the IKIGAI code and press the unlock button, the professional results will open in a new window.

Schools: You may use the unlock button or share your IKIGAI password with your students, this password gives access to the test at your own profile page, after taking the test your students will automatically be taken to their professional results.

Need any help?

Please take a look at our demo profile page, it has more information.

We try contacting schools and mentors via email as soon as the membership begins, but if you have any questions or need help send us a direct message, we’re available at facebook, instagram and twitter as @IKIGAItest

Finally, you should know:

  • We make regular adjustments to the test, so results may vary in the future.
  • The test works very well on any device, but we recommend using Chrome browser on a desktop computer.
  • IKIGAI test is a great career orientation tool, but schools are advised to have a professional counselor.
  • Payments are non refundable, but you may cancel your subscription at any time.

The really important thing is: We will do our best to keep you satisfied if you decide to be a part of IKIGAI test.