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We’d love to have the Ikigai test in your native language, you can become an official translator and be featured in our website.

Enrique Desfassiaux

Enrique Desfassiaux | English & French translations

He is the CEO of mercatecnia.com, a digital marketing and advertising agency with clients all around the world, he is also known in Facebook and Instagram for generating amazing facial filters, you can find him at instagram.com/EnriqueDesfa

We thank him for reviewing all the questions and results of the ikigai test in both English and French, as well as recording the voice of our English video.

Please visit his projects to learn more about this great person.

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We can only have one official translator for every language, so please make sure to check if there’s already a translator for the language you’d like to help us with, you don’t really need to speak multiple languages, most of the translators contribution is as simple as checking for grammar and spelling mistakes, but if you do speak english it’ll make a lot of the job easier.

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