Full name IKIGAI test
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This is a demo page to show the look and feel of the schools and mentors profile page, you can add a cover image, personal information and a logo or profile picture. Logged in users will be able to use a button above this section to unlock the professional results of any given IKIGAI code.

Schools will get an additional IKIGAI password to allow their students to take the test in this page, it will unlock their professional results automatically. This page ( shows the test in english by default, but you may change the link to your profile to change the language.

For example: will change the test to spanish.

The test is available in 24 other languages:
ar (Arabic)
de (German)
el (Greek)
es (Spanish)
fa (Persian)
fr (French)
he (Hebrew)
hi (Hindi)
id (Indonesian)
it (Italian)
ja (Japanese)
kk (Kazakh)
ko (Korean)
nb (Norwegian)
nl (Dutch)
pt (Portuguese)
ro (Romanian)
ru (Russian)
sv (Swedish)
tr (Turkish)
uk (Ukrainian)
vi (Vientamese)
zh (Chinese)

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