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Professional results include the free IKIGAI diagram, your top 20 job recommendations, a detailed explanation of your personality, weirdness, archetype and recommended colleges, plus they are saved for one year and can be downloaded in high definition.

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My IKIGAI Diagram

This is the perfect balance of the skills, knowledge and activities that I love and I am good at, the ones I could get paid to do and what the world needs from me.

The image will scale up to the size of the current screen. Flip the phone horizontally or use a large monitor to get a better resolution before downloading.

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Professional Results

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What’s included in the professional results?

The IKIGAI Diagram is just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, we analyze what you love, what you are good at, what you can get paid to do what the world needs, but we also measure your personality, weirdness, knowledge, skills, job archetype and work values.

We create a unique profile of who you are, and then we compare it to 1000 jobs around the world to find the best jobs for you, as well as key tips for what you should improve.

Compare your profile to your top 20 perfect jobs, prepare yourself, and start living your IKIGAI!

My IKIGAI Personality

There are 6 different personality types, these define the kind of activities that you love and those that could bore you… The basic options are:


And by discovering my primary and secondary interests the IKIGAI test can understand the kind of environment and tasks that you would love the most.


My Weirdness or... What sets me apart

Have you ever been in a job interview and the interviewer asks you: What sets you apart? Why should we hire you instead of someone else?

Well… That’s your weirdness, it’s where your personality and strengths collide to make a unique creature… Maybe it’s extroverted leadership, it might be strict honesty or even visionary cleverness, each one has positive and negative characteristics, it’s best if you know what they are.


Would you like to know more?


My Archetype or work style

Most job offers will include the type of worker needed which usually fits inside 11 categories: Administrator, Mentor, Analyzer, Controller, Innovator, Inspector, Mediator, Strategist, Supervisor, Technician or Artisan. (Artisan is a very broad category for people who work using their hands or physical abilities).

This section of the professional results will include the most common tasks that people in my archetype must perform in order to succeed.

Best universities for my Career

Thanks to the QS World University Rankings we’ve been able to add the best universities for studies related to your #1 IKIGAI job.

This section includes links and videos from 12 of these recommendations.



In an interactive and simple to use interface that displays the title, description, archetype, annual income, required knowledge and the specific tasks you’ll be expected to perform. The following image is just an example, it’s not from your actual results.


My Leadership style

Are you a democratic or autocratic leader? Do you prioritize the job or the people? Do you fear or embrace change? Do you always follow the rules?

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  Did you think you only had one Leadership style?  

Most people think that the leadership styles are completely independent and that you can only have one leadership style, but in real life situations every leader has to choose between different approaches to 4 situations:

Making decisions, focusing on the important things, setting up goals and following procedures.

And of course... Our gratitude!

After all, your support means everything to us, we try to constantly improve the IKIGAI test and keep it free, but the processing power required to run the test makes our server costs quite high… If you liked the test, please consider buying your professional results.

Would you like to know more about the IKIGAI test?

To better understand your own profile we recommend purchasing your professional results… But if you are truly interested in understanding how the IKIGAI test works and what every part of the IKIGAI diagram represents you should read the IKIGAI Secret.

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